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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The News

After a few months of different tests to figure out what's wrong with mom we finally heard the news, the news we didn't want to hear, things we were afraid to hear.  The thoughts run through your mind as you quickly dismiss them, thinking to yourself, no, this can't happen to our mom. Cancer?  Stomach cancer?  She couldn't even say the words.  After the initial emotions reality set in as mom calmly explained her situation being as positive and comforting as she could, for both of us, as she always does.  She told me that the biopsy came back with some cancer cells on the stomach, so I repeated back, do you mean stomach cancer mom?

Our mom is amazing, such a strong woman, kind, beautiful and the most loving person you'll ever meet.  She'd do anything for anyone, as she does for her children.  30 years of raising 4 children and counting, she always made sure we got the love and affection we needed.  Never buying anything for herself, never doing anything unnecessary we always came first no matter what.  Not until your older do you realize the sacrifices and appreciate what mom's actually go through.  Now it's our turn to help mom and do everything in our power to get her through this.

The symptoms first started when I was home in April.  She complained of stomach pains, indigestion after eating.  We didn't think much of it.  Of course we were worried and shocked because mom is never sick.  If mom was sick the world always stopped.  I can remember on maybe 2 or 3 occasions when she was, one being her morning sickness with little Jen!  But the pain didn't seem to go away, it got worse and more severe.  We just thought it was stress or an ulcer from the recent divorce or getting settle into her new house, going back to school, financial stress.  Then all the sudden she lost 30 pounds and was wearing my little sister's jeans.  We all started to really worry and insisted she go to the doctor.  The rest we will take one day at a time.  So I decided to start a blog for friends and family to check.  We'll be posting pictures, stories and updates here to keep everyone we love up to date.

Love, Jess

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. I know she will be able to stay strong, fight it out and be cancer free in no time! I'll be thinking about you all..


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