"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase"

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Step One

Mom met with the surgeon today.  Her sister, our Aunt Barbar, was there also who when I called gave me those medical facts I needed to hear, I was ready to hear.  We finally have a solution and a plan.  It's not my favorite plan and it's certainly got any good news but we know what has to be done and we're going to make it through!  Mom just won't have a stomach anymore.  I can't believe it, I'm still in shock.  I'm worried, I want to protect her and be there to help, hug and cry and support her.  I want to make sure the doctors are doing it all right.  That's me I guess, the big sister part of me, the first child syndrome.  But I'm a few thousand miles away.  No matter what I will be there very soon Mom!

After Barbar passed the phone to mom we started talking about the plan, the facts, what about this and that, I was driving home, turned the corner and saw the biggest rainbow sitting above my house.  It rained today.  Mom knows how much I love the rain.  She also knows every time I see a rainbow I think of her.  It was comforting to see it.  But I was so amazed as I turned that corner and looked up it was all I could see and we started crying.  I assured her that everything would be ok and we're all here for her to help in any way we can.  You're not alone in this Mom!

Don't give into self-blame
Don't give into self-pity
Let yourself feel anger
Get more information
Stand up for yourself
Reach out to friends and family
Join a support group
Learn to cope with fear

Love Jess


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