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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday's Update

Mom had a small surgery today, Dr. Icaza placed a small port in her upper left chest which is connected to a major vein for easy IV access to her bloodstream. This will be used for chemotherapy. The plan is to begin chemo as soon as possible, followed by some radiation to shrink the tumor and plan for removal within a few months. We are still waiting on the biopsy of the surrounding areas to see if the cancer has spread elsewhere. Our main focus right now is to get Mom back to health. She needs to gain weight and get her nutrition back to keep her strong during chemo. I'll be in charge of making sure she's eating a high protein (ie: whole milk, eggs, cheese, chicken, beans, fish), high calorie diet with 6 small meals per day around 2,000-2,200 calories per day. This morning we met with all 4 doctors, the surgeon, oncologist, resident doctor at the hospital, and her primary care physicians so it's been a pretty busy day. Mom is going great! She slept well for 8 hours last night and is ready for the games to begin. Her surgery this morning went well and we're going to get her back on full foods by tonight - Dr. Icaza said she might be able to leave tonight! We'll keep you posted!

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