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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hospital Update 8:00pm

Mom's awake and in a little pain from the incisions of the scoping. She's eating some graham crackers and just took some pain medication. They'll be transferring her to a room for tonight. I'm spending the night at the hospital with her. The doctor has not yet briefed her about the details of the situation but I shared a very brief and simple summary with her to help ease her concerns as to why they did not complete the gastrectomy. After some rest and the anesthesia wears off the doctor will be talking with her in the morning.

Friends and family are here with us, there's no shortage of love, support and food. We'll check back with you again soon!
Love Jess, Jacie, Jen & Josh

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  1. Good morning Kerry and family,
    I just wanted to thank you for the updates and let you know all of the Douglas Vanns have had you on our hearts and in prayers during this difficult time.

    It is always impossible to find the right words to share at times like these. All I know is what has gotten me through some of life's hardest moments: Embrace the little victories and cling to the shining moments with family and friends!!! It is amazing how much goodness is spread and shared when things are at their toughest. Take joy in the closeness and know that is really what is all about.

    Please don't hesitate to call if I can do anything at all for any of you. Barb has my number and I would be honored to help in anyway I can.




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