"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase"

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poems by Jen & Mom

(For Jenelle, By Mom)

since the day you came into this world-
fifteen minute delivery – left us in a whirl
a shinning star we have been blessed.
home to jessie and jacie – a baby sis was their quest!

at three months old you stole the show
in your cute little dress and pink bow
always laughter and entertainment for all.
your big sisters were at your beck and call.

at two you became big sissy to lil’ bub
we would cuddle, read books and his peachy head you’d rub.
from the day he came home- he was your buddy.
when i was too busy – you’d just watch “cinderelle”

all to soon it was your first day of school
dance classes, girl scouts, youth club, it was so cool.
you loved it all – never wanted to rest.
best of all - made a promise to mom to always do your best

jess and jacie grew up and moved away.
but your smiles, laughter and caring ways brightened the days.
it was hard for us all – now just bub and nin
we all keep close in our hearts – looking forward to them flying in!

the family grew by one more
you’ve been a second mom since they walked through the door.
precious baby trin – we were so excited to meet
a special bond you two will always keep.

then on to high school – you kept your word to do your best
your achievements have excelled the rest.
from high honors, volleyball, to art awards.
now plans for college – time to loosen the cords!

homework, late night projects, and poetry books,
i was ever so happy to be in on the works.
fieldtrips, dances, decorating for prom -
it’s been so rewarding to be your mom!

the years have passed so quickly – its all a blur.
but you never lost track of who you were.
from pre-school to porta high -
i’m so proud of you – that’s just why!

i wrote this poem just for you jen,
only the beginning of a lifetime as daughter and friend.
in memory of our priceless times together.
a special place in my heart for ever!


(For Mom, By Jenelle)

you were the first to hold me in your arms
the first to feel your precious charm
the first to look into my eyes
the first to hear your baby girl cry

from the day i was born our bond has been strong
today i know it’s never been wrong
you know what i’m always feeling
and there when i need a little healing

you are the toughest woman i’ve ever seen
working on houses and raising four like a queen
doing things that most moms had never heard
then appearing like they had never occurred

no one is lying when you hear what they say
50 and four kids there is just no way
all you can do is smile
as you go on explaining for a while

your kind heart and love keeps you youthful
now you know why the ones you meet are so truthful
now everyday I see more of you in myself
you are apart of me that that will never be placed away on a shelf

the lessons you taught me will me passed on
when I have my own children to lay them upon
I will teach them exactly what I learned
how about sewing another pillow for a gift that can’t be returned ;)

there are many memories to be made after all of this mess
we will leave this horrible experience leaving others impressed
like jess said nothing keeps us frankes from smiling
no cancer is going to make us keep crying

i wrote this poem just for you mom
only the beginning of a lifetime as mother and friend
in memory of our priceless times together
a special place in my heart for ever




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