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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sweet Distractions

So I was having a pretty bad few days after the initial shock of everything and look who came into my life... a very sweet distraction!

This little guy is SO ADORABLE! My neighborhood found him on Thanksgiving Day. After staying a few nights with 2 different neighbors I heard the news and came to the rescue. He's an amazing dog, super calm and sweet, Cory says he has a soft heart. He loves to go on long walks, well trained, loves car rides, kids, chasing birds and lots of cuddles!

If we can't find his owners we're determined to find him a good home and are working with the beagle rescue group. If this was my dog I would be heartbroken if he'd gone missing.

(Wish I could bring him to Illinois for you Mom!)
Lv Jess

(UPDATE: Friday, after being lost for over 1 week, the Beagle's family found him! (with the help of the postman connecting their Lost Beagle flyer with our Found Beagle flyer! - which Cory spent an entire day posting around the area! He was 5 miles from home!)


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