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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Friday, September 11, 2009


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  1. I hope you are doing okay after your endoscopy, Kerry. You should add "Kerry Ann" (1966) by The Hollies to your music list (or "Air that I Breath," 1974). Not to nitpick, but a couple of small corrections, if I may. "Pretty Woman" was done by Roy Orbison, and The Lettermen did the original (and the best) version of "The Way You Look Tonight" in 1961.

    I hope you find a way to get your Avastin approved. Somewhere a small maintenance study was done, perhaps only 20 people. I have yet to track it down, however. You will need it for your appeal. Have you considered another fund raiser? Gastric carcinoma is most common in China (400,000 cases per year). According to Reuters, Merck KGaA is marketing a drug named "Erbitux," and Jiangsu Simcere is pushing a drug called "Endostar." I have also read of several Chinese herbal remedies (traditional Chinese medicines) which hold promise according to The Journal of Chinese Investigative Medicine. This isn't so far fetched as a vitimin a derivative, tretinoin, and white arsenic, has been used to successfully treat my extrmemly rare leukemia (800 cases of APL in the U.S. per year). In fact, my entire treatment was developed in China over the past 25 years. Chinese medicine is something to ponder... and possibly ask about. By the way...

    Love the Mancini. If you're going to pick a Sinatra song, may I suggest: "Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)," or "Somethin' Stupid," which he recorded with Nancy. If you're into the old stuff, there's an excellent AM station, KZQZ, (AM 1430) in St. Louis, which you can listen to online. They are running a lot of old commercials from the '60s and episodes of "Chicken Man," also from the '60s. Remember listening to that one? It's so stupid, it's absolutely hilarious to listen to 40 years later. It's The Andy Williams Show, and an R/C Cola ad, all rolled into one.

    Wishing you; Godspeed, a full cure, and long life, Kerry! Miracles do happen, and so far, you're apparently in remission.

    Keep fighting and happy USAF Day!



  2. Dear Kerry,

    It's wonderful news that you are in remission! I recently found three new U.S. patents using Arsenic Trioxide (Trisenox) to treat gastric adenocarcinoma. "The Clinic" still has the unused portion of my supply, (about two weeks worth) which is good until 2012. While not even at the experimental trials stage, I can testify that the side-effects are relatively mild, and that White Arsenic has been used for a millenia in treating cancer. It was used for my consolidation therapy which was supposed to last for 10 weeks. Unfortunately, I developed an infection in my infusiport and had only 8 weeks worth before I had to wait until my treatment could resume with two final cycles of Daunarubicin, which explains why my unused As2O3 is still sitting on the shevles of: "The Chemo Room Bar and Grill," as I like to call it.

    A final comment. I would like to point out that I had excellent care at the Siteman Center for Advanced Medicine (Washington University). They are on the leading edge of treatments and studies for the midwest. I can give them an unequivocal recommendation to anyone out there who needs cancer treatment.

    Have a terrific Christmas and New Years, and Godspeed to you snd your family. Also, thank you Jess for the kind, and supportive, words. Kerry, I wish you a long and happy life, and all the luck in the world. You have beaten the odds. Let's keep it that way.




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