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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Laparoscopic Surgery Update

Mom's laparoscopic surgery went well today, I've included a little bit of the email we got from Aunt Barbar! (Thank you for being there with her!)

Hi Everybody!
Kerry went in to surgery at about 9:30 and was out in a little under 2 hours. I just talked to the doctor and he said she did great. He showed me the pictures they took and said that all in all, things looked pretty good. There were a few plaque areas that he took biopsies from, just to confirm what they are. He could see where the cancer had been and said it looked to have been well controlled. Unfortunately, they will not have the biopsy results while we are here - they take a little time. Hopefully by three days we will know - better than a week to 10 days! :)
Keep the good thoughts and prayers coming, I know she will be anxious until she gets the results.

What is laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopic surgery also referred to as minimally invasive surgery describes the performance of surgical procedures with the assistance of a video camera and several thin instruments. During the surgical procedure, small incisions of up to half an inch are made and plastic tubes called ports are placed through these incisions. The camera and the instruments are then introduced through the ports which allow access to the inside of the patient.

The camera transmits an image of the organs inside the abdomen onto a television monitor. The surgeon is not able to see directly into the patient without the traditional large incision. The video camera becomes a surgeon’s eyes in laparoscopy surgery, since the surgeon uses the image from the video camera positioned inside the patient’s body to perform the procedure.


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