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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Board Meeting

Mom's oncologist in Springfield will be meeting with the surgeon/cancer board tomorrow to discuss possibilities and benefits of the gastrectomy. If they can find no benefit, the surgeon will refuse to do the surgery to remove the complete stomach. Remembering December 2008 we can thank Dr. Icaza for not removing Mom's stomach back when it was stage 4 - she had a chance to fight it with radiation and chemotherapy and against the odds she told that cancer who was boss! We feel it will keep coming back and regular chemotherapy is not the best/healthiest way to live, so perhaps this will be the best option to just get rid of it? Of course hoping it truly has not spread elsewhere! Mom's stressed out and worried but we trust that they will again make the best decision for her at this time.
Keeping you up to date and thanking you for the love you have for our Momma! She is such an amazing lady!
Lv Jess


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