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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Post-Surgery - DAY 1

Debby and I stayed at the hospital to make sure that Kerry got to ICU and so we could see her, and we ended up both staying to be with her. Although she was hooked up to lots of tubes and drains and the ventilator, she looked more peaceful than I had seen her in days - She was finally getting the much needed rest and freedom of pain that had been affecting her for two days. She opened her eyes periodically and we let her know where she was and that we were there, but for the most part, she was in a drug induced sleep to help her relax so she did not fight the tubes. As usual, this morning when they started to take her off the med, she was impossible to wake up! I think she was enjoying her sleep too much! They took the vent out this morning, as her breathing was excellent and she was maintaining her breathing status without using the machine. She did get aspiration pneumonia from inhaling some secretions into her lungs so she is on some strong antibiotics. She has two tubes draining the "stuff" from her intestines and esophagus - one being an NG-tube (down through the nose) and another being one in her abdominal wall. They did not remove those drains yet as they want everything to drain out. We got a few smiles out of her, and some whispers once the vent was removed. She is one tough cookie and I told her to fight like a girl!! She was much more comfortable once the vent was out and Dr. Icaza told her that in the next couple of days she will be feeling much better. Jacie and Jen are with her tonight and she is in excellent hands between them and the very competent staff that we encountered in the many hours we were there early AM though the afternoon. She will probably be in ICU for a couple of days and they are very strict on visitors, flowers, etc. Please get in touch with a family member before making a trip to visit. Thanks --- Barb


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