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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Recovery Day 4

They say the 4th day of recovery is supposed to be the worst. So far mom's holding up extremely well.
She's off morphine - didn't like the way it was making her feel so she's more like herself now. She also started a new diet today, and walking more. Yesterday she had some feeding tube issues so they haven't been using it and will hopefully be fixing it soon.

As of now she's on a liquid diet and can only have tea, jello, broth, ensure and popsicles.
Jen's going to the store to pick some organic items within this category and hopefully avoid items with aspartame. Right now it's very important that get protein and calories. However it's also important that her body focuses on healing and not trying to digest a bunch of junk.

Hang in there Momma! We'll get you all fixed up!

Feeding tube is still clogged or having issues so they won't be able to fix it until the doctor returns from out of town on Monday.
Frustrating! She's up to 4oz an hour right now.

{We'll update you later on the pathology results, per Mom's request}


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