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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thanking Dr. Icaza

We want to thank Dr. Icaza for taking such wonderful care of Mom. It was over 1 year ago when he probably saved Mom's life by deciding not to remove the stomach and allow her to fight the cancer through chemotherapy and radiation, having better chances with the stomach intact. Now after a successful surgery, her stomach has been removed and Dr. Icaza does feel that he got everything out and she's in a good place for a cure! Dr. Icaza has always been so upfront, honest and sincere with us. We know he truly cares about our family and wants to do the very best for Mom.

This recent complication of the adhesion is unfortunatly something that can and does often happen with any major surgery. Mom passed all of the tests before leaving the hospital and was doing so wonderful. Dr. Icaza certainly is not to blame and we appreciate all of the support and affection he's continuing to provide!

It's VERY IMPORTANT right now that we remain ONLY POSITIVE in our thoughts and words to Mom during this time. She is in a very fragile state and we would regret upsetting her with any unessesary ideas, what if's or should have's. Please keep your opinions and comments positive and if anything negative happens to come into mind please keep them to yourself.

Right now our family needs to focus on Mom's healing and recovery so she can finish this fight!
Thank you Dr. Icaza and thank you everyone for all of your love, support and positive thoughts!

Jess, Jacie, Jen & Josh

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  1. Dear J.J.J.J. We have nothing but positive thoughts for Kerry and all of you as we know God is in the "healing business"...our grandson had horrific prognosis before his birth last May, but much prayers and answers, from God above, he is so perfect!! There are miracles around us everyday and we will expect nothing but this for Kerry!! She is a fighter, looking back over the past few years esp., we see that she can handle whatever, with her family and God's strength!! We are here for whatever you guys or she needs, whenever, now or later.....B Positive, isn't that Kerry's blood type...so perfect!! take of yourselves as you take care of your dear mom!! She is so special to many of us, as you are too, Love & prayers.......Terry&Luan and family


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