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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Friends For Hope

My roommates are incredible people to say the least! Paige Kuykendall has been my friend since high school and it's hard to believe that three years ago I didn't even know Jenna Heiden, Lindsey Wolff, or Brittany Harl. These girls have been by my side through so much. They always bring my spirits up when I'm down, even pitched in to give me gas money when I was taking frequent tips driving home, and now they've started Friends For Hope.

Friends For Hope is a fundraiser that my roommates put on for Mom and I with the help of Carmen Mathais and her Dad who donated shirts and koozies. Without me knowing they put all of this together and hosted the fundraiser event at our college home in Edwardsville when I was home visiting mom. They invited almost all of their Facebook friends, asked for at least $5 at the door, and gave them a complementary koozie. In total they raised $1,000 and those who couldn't make it, mailed in donations. They surprised me by showing me a video they made the evening of the fundraiser.

I'm so shocked that $1,000 was donated from a party of college students who are struggling just as much or maybe even worse than my family. Of course they could have gone to a different party that night, or spent their time other ways, but they chose to support me and my mom. Even some who attended had no idea who I was!
Words just can't describe how much we appreciate everything! Thanks to all of those who donated! Thank you all for you generous donations, kind words, love and support. I appreciate it more than you even know. You are all such amazing friends!


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  1. You're friends sound wonderful Jenelle!! It's great to have girlfriends. Love you! Nina


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