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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cancer Causing Foods

Top Foods and Ingredients to Avoid

Studies indicate that specific foods and ingredients are harmful to your health potentially contributing to cancer risk, cancer development, and cancer growth. Frequent and ongoing consumption of cancer causing foods and ingredients appears to impact quality of life and cancer survival. Educate yourself and avoid cancer causing foods and ingredients as much as possible. Pay attention to what you eat. Monitor your eating patterns to identify how frequently you eat cancer causing foods. Read your labels to learn about ingredients. You may not realize how frequently some harmful ingredients are used in foods. Give your kitchen and health a makeover. Be bold and eliminate cancer causing foods and ingredients.

Although dietary and nutritional changes can feel challenging, the improvements are well worth the effort. We predict that after some clearing out of the old, and building of the new, you will feel invigorated by a healthier diet. If you feel overwhelmed, know the severity of the challenge in eating healthier foods is consistent with the reward. Once you start feeling the benefits of new food habits, we predict that you will never look back.

Our information about top foods and ingredients to avoid contains power to support your health and healing. We hope you feel empowered by learning about the health effects from cancer causing foods and ingredients. Avoid overwhelm. Dietary changes are best transitioned in a spectrum. While some people can make dietary changes overnight, most people engage a gradual process of food and ingredient elimination over a period of time. Make changes step by step.

•Fats and Cancer
•Animal Protein and Cancer
•Sugar and Cancer
•Other Ingredients
•Genetically Modified Foods

You can fight cancer through what you subtract from your kitchen. You can also fight cancer through what you add to your mouth. Go shopping and buy items from Top Foods to Eat.
Please keep in mind that nutrition and cancer is one of the most important areas of focus in an integrative cancer care plan.


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