"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase"

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Heart & Soul

Jen and Chris' Wedding was July 23rd. Our beautiful baby girl is all grown up now, married, graduated, working, planting gardens and following her mother's footsteps in home restoration. Chris is pretty good himself and will be such a great husband - they make a wonderful team!

Mom truly put her entire heart, soul and creativity into this wedding. She worked so hard physically and emotionally getting this together. With the help of many awesome and wonderful family and friends they brought her vision to life. It all came together so beautifully and words can not describe how important and special this day was for Jen & Mom, and our entire circle of family and friends.

Thank you so much Mom.
Thank you to all who helped.
Thank you to all who attended.
and to those we could not invite, we wished you could be there!

We love you all!

2nd Opinion Update

I was waiting until after Jen's wedding to write about Mom's 2nd opinion because there's only so much one can take at a time. So deep breaths and here we go. Mom had a good visit with a doctor in St. Louis who reviewed the past and current situation in great detail. The decision is to wait and not do additional chemo at this time. The scan's and labwork look great and we want to give Mom time to recover from the previous surgery, gain weight, improve health etc. The problem with chemo is when the bad cells are not active the chemo does nothing. The problem with waiting is that it could pop up in places that are not recoverable and this is a very scary place to be. Mom's such a trooper and such a fighter. I am truly so very proud of her every single day. She's very unique in surviving this gastric cancer so they are treating this situation very closely and carefully. I trust Mom's choices and fully support her no matter what. It will be hard but we will all be praying often to stay strong and focused.