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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Results from Mom's CT scan and the next steps... by Mom

The CT scan showed a change in the kidney as described below:
Since the prior study, left-sided hydronephrosis has developed. There is mild dilatation of the proximal ureter but there is no obstructing mass. The cause of the hydronephrosis is not evident on this exam.
This is a swelling of the kidney, could be caused from a slight kink in the tube going from the kidney to the bladder causing some backup, possibly from surgery. Or if there is a small tumor pushing on this causing an obstruction.

The second thing is the small nodule next to my navel that we have been watching, could be scar tissue from surgery. Explained in the report as follows:
There is a small enhancing mass lesion of subcutaneous tissues of the anterior abdominal just to the left of the umbilicus. This finding is worrisome for a metastatic deposit. On today’s study this measures 1.4 cm.

Everything else was unchanged or normal, thank goodness for that!
Also my scope and colonoscopy I had on Monday looked good. Whew!

Follow up plan:
Submit to insurance co. for a PET scan, this will determine if there are any hot spots (possible cancer) with these changes.
Possible stint for the kidney.
Possible biopsy of the nodule.
Dr. Willadsen says keep my chin up!
One step at a time!

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  1. Dear Kerry,

    Having had 21 kidney stones since 1991, I know something about hydronephrosis. A lot of kidney stones are transparent to x-ray, and I have had several that show nothing but the hydronephrosis, even on a CT scan. A stone may have also passed, and the dilation is residual, or it may just be getting started. If you are not in pain, be thankful. One would think that a tumor would be apparent, especially if contrast was used in the study.

    The mass is disconcerting, but if there is doubt, that it good in this case. There is no mention of a change in size of this mass, which, I think, would have been mentioned; as previous studies are available. It only mentions the current size. That said, scar tissue can change over time, and expand. Given the location, it should be operable, if need be.

    The really good news, is that there is no mention of any organ involvement. And, the other studies are: "clean." The PET scan will tell the tale.

    A brief comment on the genetic study. It is noteworthy that there is no mention of what could have caused the mutation, which appears to indicate that it did not come from either parent. From what little I've read, this mutation could have been caused by an external factor, and therefore, does not seem to imply that there was necessarily a dormant carrier in your ancestry.

    Have a good Christmas and new year. And, don't give up the fight. It's hard to write something without it aounding like a platitude, but you have nothing to lose by fighting; and, you are the strongest fighter I've ever seen. Keep up the fight. A very large part of this is your mental ability to face adversity.


    W., D., and B.t.B.


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