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Monday, January 30, 2012

Home At Last

Mom's home already! She sounds great and Jen is there with her tonight. She really wanted to get out of the hospital and is much happier at home. Let the healing begin! Mom has a lot to look forward to so she's definitely mentally prepared herself and probably has a whole list of self motivatived ideas running through her head as I type this. She's just simply amazing! Keep it up Momma! She's so very thankful and blessed for all of your love, support and prayers. You have no idea how much she loves you all! Thank you again, we can never thank you enough!

Surgery Day

Mom's in surgery now, they made special arrangements to have the kidney stent and removal of nodules done with both surgeons on the same table. I just got word the stent went in great and Dr. Icaza is starting his procedures. She's such a trooper!

Aunt Barb just talked to Dr. Icaza, he said she did good. The frozen section was inconclusive and there were possibly some abnormal cells but they were not sure. A lot of scar tissue was present as well so they want to wait until they get full pathology back before saying for sure what it is. We should know something by Friday.

They did remove her belly button but it served its purpose well!

{live update from Aunt Barb}

We'll keep you updated!
Thank you for all of your prayers and love!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Sometimes all you need is a good laugh!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Surgery Date

Surgery will be Jan 30th!
They are going to do both procedures which is very helpful.
I'll stay in the hospital for observation overnight.
Here we go, again!

Love Mom, edited by Jess

Surgical Consultations

Mom met with her surgeon today to discuss options and details regarding removal of the possible cancerous nodules near her navel. Everyone agrees this is the best option for prevention and treatment of our newest enemy. Dr. Icaza did inform her that the navel is an area common for the gastric cancer to spread. Of course he has to provide us with the worst case scenario and won't know for certain until it's removed and tested. If found cancerous the possibility of additional chemotherapy will be discussed. Unfortunately he's suggesting the belly button be removed entirely. Mom has the cutest belly button too but seriously this news totally sucks and the tears are flowing again. She's been through so much and it feels never ending. We're allowed these moments to get mad and shed tears but afterwards we press on and yes, Be Positive! Mom's a fighter and she's strong and wonderful! We can do this! Mom can do this!

Ps. She also met with the urologist who plans to place a stent in the kidney every 3 months beginning as early as next week

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Give me a "K"

We LOVE you Mom!
No worries Gov'na!
You got this Energizer Bunny!
Give me a "K"! Cheers for Kerry!

SUV means

If you wanted to know what SUV blood pool was, I found this on google.

SUV stands for standard uptake value. In general any lesion seen on the scan with SUV of more than 3 indicates metabolic acidosis activity, that is, it is not scar tissue. It maybe hyper metabolic due to infections, or inflammation or cancer. Higher number means more metabolic acidosis

I will keep you posted, my appointment with Dr. Icaza is Thursday, 12th at 4pm.

Love Mom

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

PET Scan Results

PET Scan Results:

There seems to be multiple subcutaneous nodules. The largest of which has increased from 9mm on 99 scan to 13mm on this scan. The lesion has a maximum SUV of 1/8, which is above the blood pool (but not extremely high.) These nodules could be from surgery, small contaminates which the body has encapsulated causing it to increase in size. The good news is that there were no other areas of focal increased metabolic activity noted. So this is contained to the area just next to my navel.

1. Rescan in 3 months
2. Biopsy, results are not predictable
3. Chemo, extra precaution but not ideal at this time
4. Surgical removal, best option

We all agreed to remove whatever it is, for peace of mind and reduce risk of it spreading, if it does turn out to be cancerous. I will go to surgeon for a consultation as soon as possible. I will also follow up with urologist about the kidney and evaluate to see if a possible stint will be needed. This would be placed at the same time of the surgical removal.

Thank you for all of your positive thoughts and prayers!
Love you!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

pH Balancing

Have you ever wondered if the diseases in our society have a common cause? Many doctors, herbalists, and nutritionists believe that the explanation may come down to two small words:

Acid / Alkaline

High acidity can become a dangerous condition that weakens all major body systems. It makes your internal environment conducive to disease. A pH-balanced environment, on the other hand, allows proper metabolic functioning and gives your body resistance to disease. A healthy body maintains alkaline reserves that are used to meet emergency demands.

pH measures the balance between positively and negatively charged ions in the body fluids, i.e. blood, urine and saliva. A low pH number (below 7) indicates that your body fluid is on the acidic side. A high pH number (above 7) indicates you have alkalinity. A pH of 7.0 is considered neutral; this is the pH of distilled water. This delicate balance can be an important indicator of overall health.

Researchers find that most people are at least slightly "acidic"; their pH is low. If your pH is too acidic, your body borrows minerals - such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium - from vital organs and bones to neutralize and remove the acid. Although high acidity may not be outwardly noticeable, it can severely affect overall health in a negative way. Alkalinity in the body is much more rare, but just as potentially serious. It often takes longer for a person who is "alkaline" to achieve balance than one who is "acidic."

Ask your doctor. What would it hurt to find out?

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