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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

PET Scan Results

PET Scan Results:

There seems to be multiple subcutaneous nodules. The largest of which has increased from 9mm on 99 scan to 13mm on this scan. The lesion has a maximum SUV of 1/8, which is above the blood pool (but not extremely high.) These nodules could be from surgery, small contaminates which the body has encapsulated causing it to increase in size. The good news is that there were no other areas of focal increased metabolic activity noted. So this is contained to the area just next to my navel.

1. Rescan in 3 months
2. Biopsy, results are not predictable
3. Chemo, extra precaution but not ideal at this time
4. Surgical removal, best option

We all agreed to remove whatever it is, for peace of mind and reduce risk of it spreading, if it does turn out to be cancerous. I will go to surgeon for a consultation as soon as possible. I will also follow up with urologist about the kidney and evaluate to see if a possible stint will be needed. This would be placed at the same time of the surgical removal.

Thank you for all of your positive thoughts and prayers!
Love you!


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