"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase"

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Surgical Consultations

Mom met with her surgeon today to discuss options and details regarding removal of the possible cancerous nodules near her navel. Everyone agrees this is the best option for prevention and treatment of our newest enemy. Dr. Icaza did inform her that the navel is an area common for the gastric cancer to spread. Of course he has to provide us with the worst case scenario and won't know for certain until it's removed and tested. If found cancerous the possibility of additional chemotherapy will be discussed. Unfortunately he's suggesting the belly button be removed entirely. Mom has the cutest belly button too but seriously this news totally sucks and the tears are flowing again. She's been through so much and it feels never ending. We're allowed these moments to get mad and shed tears but afterwards we press on and yes, Be Positive! Mom's a fighter and she's strong and wonderful! We can do this! Mom can do this!

Ps. She also met with the urologist who plans to place a stent in the kidney every 3 months beginning as early as next week


  1. We are very sorry to hear that you need more surgery. You keep fighting, and we'll keep praying - deal? Don't give up. Having recently went through stem cell apheresis, I know how disheartening the prospect of more medical procedures can be. It's hard to know what to say without being maudlin, patronizing, mystical, or platitudinal. I think it suffices to say that we all know you have it in you to fight on. That's the only prospect we cancer patients have, emulating others in great struggles.

    I begin to think that quantum entanglement must play a role in destiny, or perhaps it's Jung's "collective unconscious". A theoretical physicist I know at Cornell thinks so. Therefore, let us all concentrate on just one positive thing, and exactly at the same time - your recovery. Eight pm every night and eight am every day, and whenever the thought strikes us - focus and think this for five minutes.

    May God bless and protect us all, and grant us everlasting victory over our trials, and tribulations.


    W., D. and B.t.B.

  2. Thank you for your continual words of support and encouragement. I have been so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life!


  3. Kerry Good luck with your upcoming surgery. I know you will come through everything just fine. You have overcome sooooo much and you will continue to overcome with all the love and support you receive from your family and many friends. Love Debby


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