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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hospital visit

Saturday PM: Mom went into ER today for some severe kidney pain. The CT scan shows a blockage and requires she be admitted to the hospital tonight for a procedure in the morning.
This is all I know so far. Will keep you posted as we learn more.

Sunday AM: Surgeon who placed the stent says there is no blockage and the stent looks fine. Said there must be something else going on.

Update: The kidney stent was replaced early this morning. CT scan showed a "hint" of a possible blockage which was not confirmed. Kidney looked abnormal and not improved since having the initial stent placed. Her pain is gone, blood and levels are good. Doctor says the kidney will remain swollen somewhat since the stent is present. If pain comes back Dr. Icaza will be called in to evaluate.

Official report: (via Aunt Margie)
Dr. Severino's resident talked with us. From "hello" you clearly got the feeling he knew your mom's entire case and was up-to-speed! When we back up to the original stent placement, the need for the stent arose from probably a residual event following past surgeries, chemotherapy and/or radiation. Could be scar tissue, a weak spot in the kidney, etc. At any rate, the original stent relieved distension/enlargement of the kidney. Last night's CAT scan showed the kidney appeared better but not perfect. Due to the location of her pain, the stent was the logical place to check. Although the stent appeared clear at the time of its replacement, there could have been a small bit of mucus present at some time during the past day causing the pain and possible blockage. At any rate, a new stent was placed and her pain has resolved. This pain cannot be ruled out as having been bowel pain due to her recent episodes of constipation/diarrhea. It was just logical to check the stent. Something to keep in mind is that the stent is not a natural vessel with flaps, etc., having the capability to more fully control the urine flow in one direction. Therefore, urine can flow both directions in a stent and this is just part of the reality of this. Not a problem so much as just something to be aware of. The best news of all is all bloodwork was good. Potassium level and kidney function was good. A urinalysis will be run now before discharge to ensure no bladder infection. But most of all, if there were a tumor causing indentation of the kidney or blockage of the vessel (stent) it would have shown up on the PET scan and the last 2 CAT scans. That is the best news.

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  1. I love you all. Talked to Kerry on Friday - she sounded good. My prayers are with you along with the doctors and nurses. I thought of the quote by Winston Churchill, "Never, Never, NEVER give up!!!"


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