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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Unclear Margins

Mom's visit with the oncologist today was a surprise. We were all expecting more chemotherapy.
Instead we received other news. First I do want to let you know that as long as there's something "to do" there's a chance that she can fight this thing. We're taking the positive approach. Are you sitting down? The surgeon and oncologist agree that additional surgery is needed. This will not take place until she's healed from the most recent surgery. The reason has everything to do with the margins not being cleared from the removal of the cancerous nodules. So they feel she will have a better chance of staying ahead of this monster if they "clear" the margins. Mom's surgeon is truly one of the best and did already remove more than he felt was necessary, however it just wasn't enough. It's nearly impossible to tell during the time of surgery even with the pathologist in the room taking and testing frozen sections as the surgeon works. We're estimating 6 more weeks of recovery before additional surgery. After the next surgery they will let her heal, rescan and then evaluate for chemotherapy depending on results of the scans.

So until the next time I shall keep you updated with love and hope always. Stay strong and fight!

Love Jess


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