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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Surgery {N12} Nov12

I apologize if this is the first you've heard about the most recent surgery needed. Mom's been having constant pain from what we thought was her kidney stent and the regular infections that have been accompanied by the stent. The doctors feel these symptoms could be caused by the gallbladder and may be beneficial to remove. The gallbladder isn't looking ideal anyway and may quickly lead to pancreatitis so we've decided not to delay the inevitable and have the gallbladder removed.

During this surgery Mom will also have her usual 3 month stent change and hopefully a recent lump removed under her ribcage. This newly discovered lump will be removed and margins cleared. We're not taking any chances! The plan is to quickly address little things so they don't turn into bigger things. Mom is so brave! She's having the surgery on November 12th. She was in the hospital 34 years ago giving birth to me on that day. I know she will be thinking of this and so will I.

Love you Mom!

{Keep Calm, Stay Strong and Kerry On}


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