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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2nd opinion

Mom and Aunt Barb at The Siteman Center in St. Louis
{standing in front of a tile wall with artwork from cancer survivors and families}

It was suggested by Mom's oncologist that she get a 2nd opinion regarding her options. So Mom, Jen and Aunt Barbar went to a Comprehensive Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. The doctor they met with agrees with the plan of choice and liked the chemo-cocktail suggested. He had never thought to use this particular combo before and mentioned it was a very aggressive approach, which is probably why Mom is a 4-year survivor! They requested a sample of the tumor and will be testing it with 100+ different available drugs to see if a positive response occurs. If the current plan of action is not successful they can easily enroll Mom into their treatment plan/studies and figure another course of action if needed.

Mom is ready to continue her fight! Thank you for all of your love, positive thoughts, support and prayers. We can get through this with love, strength and patience. Keep Calm and Hang On!

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  1. Hi Kerry,

    I've stood in front of that same wall many times. Please, don't forget to remind them to test the tumor against arsenic trioxide AS2O3. As I recall, four U.S. patents have been filed for its possible use against gastric carcinoma. In my case, it reversed the chromosone damage, perhaps it can do the same in other cancers. Someone must think it has some value in this area, otherwise, they wouldn't have filed for patent protection.

    Hope you have a great Christmas! And, may your fight be successful! Never give up hope!


    W., D., and B.t.B.

    p.s. I've also had misadventures with my stent in the past couple of months. Thankfully, the stone fragments have all passed - finally. When you see Dr. Severino, take him some Snickers bars. He loves those, and will get freaked out about how you know! At least two of us are doing it to him on our office visits.


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