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Friday, December 7, 2012

Next Step

After speaking with Dr. Willadsen about the pathology details and options we agree the best plan is more chemo in conjunction with a cancer drug. Dr. Willadsen also supports working with a holistic/naturopathic approach. They will also be looking into clinical trials and do more research.

The pathology gallbladder report showed it was the same tumor found in stomach. Dr. Willaden saw this as a positive because we are dealing with the same monster. The gallbladder tumor did spread to the wall/lining and beyond. Which means there is no way to tell where the "seeds" are right now or where they will land. The 2 nodes/lumps removed did not have clear margins. The node/lump on Mom's face remains untouched at this time and could be a good indicator of success during additional chemo treatment.

They plan to start chemo in 3 weeks once Mom has healed from the surgery. Just before chemo they will do a CT scan followed by PET scan and then Bone scan to see if anything shows up or has changed.

Tests are taking place now using the tumor and determining it's reaction to the cancer drug. They say the drug is used to target specific genetic cancer cells that can be identified and attacked but still leave healthy cells alone. This works along with chemo and helps draw it to the bad cells.

Dr. Icaza (her surgeon) was very warm, caring and wants to do whatever he can to help.
Dr. Willadsen always makes us feel so hopeful, positive and optimistic about treatment and the outcome. We have a great team of doctors, family and friends!

We were reminded that it's actually been 2 years since last the last 6-mo round of chemo so we know it worked! Mom feels good and still looks like a million bucks! She's still ready for the fight!


  1. My best wishes for a speedy recovery and success with chemo/ cancer drug without the yucky side effects.



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