"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase"

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Monday, March 25, 2013

In Memory of My Grammie

On March 11th, Lois Ahrens passed away. She was so much more than just a name. Lois was my Grandmother, and my Mom's Mother. When I was little I decided to call her Grammie. I certainly didn't make up the name Grammie, but that was news to me! It's been difficult to find the desire to write about it because I miss her so much. I've missed her often since I moved away 16 years ago. Although we lived far apart we always remained close in our hearts. During our visits it would almost hurt as we would look at each other and imagine not living so far apart. We have such wonderful memories growing up near our grandparents and spending time with them. We would often have slumber parties. I loved dinner at Grammies because she would always butter and salt her veggies and offer us special cookies from her cabinet of assortments. The best was sneaking into Aunt Barbar's bubble gum stash or Boppie's Chiclets. After dinner, when it was almost time for bed, I loved listening to her dishwasher as we would eat our Breyers mint chocolate chip ice cream from a tiny white dish. Sometimes before bed we got to pick a mini cereal box and it was always a fight for the Cocoa puffs! Grammie knew how to spoil us every chance she could. I loved taking a bath in her claw foot bathtub and wrapping up in her towels scented with a fabric softener I wasn't used to smelling. The silly little things that bring you comfort and stick with you are so powerful. Honestly I have pages and pages of them filed away in my memory. Playing piano, hammock swings, vintage Barbie dolls, playing dress up, poached eggs, piƱatas, Charlie's chips, bird watching, playing pool, Sears catalog shopping, cozy fires, and the list just goes on. The most important thing on my list would be looking into her eyes and feeling such love and comfort that only a mother can give. My Mom's Mother was simply amazing and will always remain one of the most special people that I will ever know. May she rest in peace until I see her again, one day.

Love you Grammie,


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