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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Scan Results

It's taken me since Tuesday to finally blog about the results. I'm so sorry for the delay. It takes a lot mentally to write now and I usually have to prep myself a few days in advance. Getting to the point; we have good news to report! The scan looks good after the 3 month chemo vacation! Mom's been advised to take another 3 months off. She's going to be super scared and worried at the next scan but I begged her to stop thinking about it now. It's so hard not to I'm sure. Until then we'll be keeping you all updated on progress, changes, joys, struggles and of course encouragement. Would you like to hear a funny story? I met this nice guy on the plane & found myself giving him advice during our conversation. I could tell he was encouraged and he said to me "You should write a book!" I just smiled and thought, Mr. you have no idea, I already have!

Good night!

ps. I love this photo my sister took a few days ago and wanted to share it.

click here for Photography by Jenelle

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  1. I tried to post a comment yesterday but somehow messed up so here goes another attempt.
    It warms my heart to see your family bond. I feel like we have the same bond in my family. I'm 62 with 4 beautiful daughters and 6 grandchildren and a supportive husband.
    I was diagnosed with stomach cancer and probable liver mets almost a month ago. The wait for the tests, results, and appointments is unbearable as I'm sure you know.
    I finished the last of the scans yesterday (PET, CT, and follow up ultrasound of the liver) and over the past few weeks, we've been put in the care of a team of cancer specialists. However, I just found out that the Dr. who is to give us the results and set up the treatment plan is gone on vacation until the beginning of September while, in my mind, this cancer spreads.
    Reading your blog has given me a sense of hope. I'm so sad this is happening to your family... and now mine. Nightmare time indeed.


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