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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Fantastic Feb

This has been the most challenging month in quite a while. It's taken me some time to sit down and blog, but you all deserve an update about Mom's progress. As you know we don't mind sharing and the blog has been the best way to share with those who care. We appreciate your love and concern so much!

Mom's last chemo of the 5-FU was January 21st. She decided it was time for a break as she couldn't take much more of the full day infusion followed by the 48 hour take-home pump. It was very difficult, but she completed 6 treatments which is pretty fantastic. After the most recent treatment Mom had a post-chemo baseline CT scan and found things remained stable showing no new growth. Yay! This means her treatment was a success! Now what? Honestly, we want to help get her health and weight back up to fighting condition before anymore treatments. So we wait. They will probably scan again in another 3 months and then decide what's next.

Another fantastic occasion to mention is Mom's official retirement. She's been working for the past 11 years with this company and finally qualified for disability. It's been such a difficult struggle to maintain full time or even part time employment during this fight. If anyone deserves to retire - it's Mom! We certainly won't let her starve or freeze and her support system of friends and family is truly amazing! Even her team of doctors are so impressed by Mom's strength - but also the hope and encouragement she receives from everyone!

February is a month to celebrate!!!!

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  1. Kerry,

    Thinking about you... Just found our about your retirement! Keeping you in prayer... Keep strong my Sister in Christ!


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