"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase"

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Love that Kerry built


It seems that Kerry spent a good portion of her adult life making someone else’s tired, broken-down house into a home for her family. The transformation of each of those homes radiated the love and heart of this sweet and talented woman. As we expected, Kerry’s wish was to finish her journey on earth here, here in her final, perfect little house on earth.  I don’t know who built this house so many years ago, but I know who scooped this place up, put her tender hand and heart to the bricks and boards, and transformed this weary imperfect place into a happy, loving home.

This little home is full, full of the people she loves.  It’s amazing how Kerry’s refuge has transformed and expanded itself into a welcoming haven for so many of us.  Her children, their spouses, grandchildren and helpers all have their little spaces here.  We have all found our own  bit of home in a corner, behind a chair, next to the toy box.  There was no plan, the love that brought us here spread us around to find our spots to sleep, refresh, escape, to laugh and to cry.  We instantaneously discovered that delicate balance between needing our own space and needing each other.  The house has opened and expanded to allow each of us to hear those faint sniffles or sense the falling tears, that signal someone needs a hug.  It has become so large and comfortable, we eagerly share the occasional LOL moment. Our throats are tired from whispering and “whisper laughing”. We have exhausted our quest to move around this sacred place avoiding the particularly squeaky floorboard, remembering to stop the microwave before the beeping starts, and staying on top of the endless stream of laundry for so many of us.  

As we continue our  vigil, we have gathered in the light of this home.  There is no darkness here, that’s not how Kerry built this home. All those things Kerry taught her children, to be kind to each other, listen to each other,  help each other, were lessons well-learned and shine through during our own journey; this journey to help their momma reach that next house, the only house that matters.

{written by Aunt Margie}


  1. So beautiful Margie. She is a wonderful person that truly loves her family.

  2. WOW that is incredible. Prayers through your difficult time.

  3. What a wonderful family. You all are in my prayers super strong today. Blessing to the kids and God speed to Kerry. The sweet heart of all sweet hearts. So glad to call you a friend. I'm a better person because of you.


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